Watch: Thieves Casually Loot Walgreens Amid Coronavirus Panic Buying

(Right Country) – San Francisco’s liberal, crime-friendly policies coupled with coronavirus panic buying is turning out to be a very, very bad combination.

As no-arrest policies in the city make it virtually pointless for stores to stop thieves from pilfering their goods, drug addicts are apparently taking advantage to loot stores before S has even HTF.

In a shocking video captured recently taken at the Wallgreens on Drumm Street in downtown San Francisco, you can see clearly drug-addled couple just casually looting goods while onlookers and employees stand helplessly by.

“I hope the drugs are good,” one employee sarcastically remarks, as he watches helplessly while the couple fills their reusable shopping bags with products.

“Pieces of shit,” the man filming says, “I hope you overdose.”

They then simply walk out of the store, while the many people there make no attempt to stop them.

What is wrong with these people, and what is wrong with these gutless employees who apparently seem completely uninterested in stopping the incident.

Newswars notes:

Thieves have taken to openly pilfering merchandise since the state’s passage of Proposition 47, which reduces theft of up to $950 in merchandise to a mere misdemeanor crime, but criminals appear more emboldened in the wake of coronavirus panic-buys.

Similarly, police in Philadelphia have announced they will no longer prosecute thefts or other nonviolent crimes ostensibly to keep coronavirus from spreading in jails.

“Instead, they’ll briefly detain the suspect to confirm identity and fill out arrest warrant paperwork, then release the suspect,” reports “The arrest warrant will be served at a later time when the coronavirus risk has faded.”


  1. I can tolerate many things but thievery is NOT one of them!! They will steal less with a few well-placed bullets in them!!

  2. Looters should be shot, but then it’s Kommiefornia. Thieves should be stopped, but then it’s Kommiefornia
    NO Arrest policy??? Oh yeah, it’s Kommiefornia!

  3. Send the video and the bill for everything they took to the City Council with a letter stating pay up or be sued for restraint of trade. If people are allowed to steal merchandise as long as they don’t take over the expressed dollar amount, then businesses will go broke, not being allowed to prevent loss, restricting their right to conduct a profitable business, ergo, restraint of trade. Sue the bastards.

  4. Solution: close the door and let the workers fill orders, then take the merchandise to them, AFTER they pay first! Meanwhile, if the store remains open, take the thieves names and address from a pictureID only, or NO sale! Videotape them stealing and present to police dept.

  5. Major retailers usually have a policy that employees do not attempt to stop a thief’s actions as they might get hurt. In essence, they are not trained to police.


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