Watch: Trump Says Philly Police Were Told To “Stand Back” During Rioting, Looting

(Right Country) – What is happening to law enforcement across our country?

It has now become the norm, chillingly, for incidents of fatal police shootings to be met with rioting, looting, arson, and vandalism…and it’s as if leftist don’t even expect the police to respond anymore.

It is literally the job of police officers to keep the peace and protect private property—but in the new Marxist left’s dystopian vision for our country, private property is no longer sacred if there’s adequate social justice grievances.

Think about it.

Inner-city retailers have absolutely nothing to do with perceived systemic racism in policing.

We are told by the critical race theorists and far-left progressives that police are inherently racist, violent, and literally “hunting” black men.

So why is it that every time a member of law enforcement fatally shoots someone who was posing a threat to others police become overwhelmed by hundreds, or even thousands in the case of Philadelphia, of fearless rioters who attack them as they loot and vandalize private businesses?

It makes absolutely no sense.

The only thing this is good for is a post-law-enforcement reality in which only the wealthy will be able to afford security and the low-income will live in fear.

President Donald Trump claimed on Wednesday that police overnight in Philadelphia had been told to “stand back” and allow looting and rioting to continue.

It was the second consecutive night of criminal pandemonium in the city following the death of Walter Wallace Jr., who was shot by officers as he advanced on them with a night.

30 officers were injured on Monday night, including one female sergeant who broke her leg after being run down by Black Lives Matter activists.

When asked about what was happening in Philadelphia during a campaign appearance in Las Vegas, Nevada, Trump was sure to point out that it was happening in a Democrat-run city.

“I know the police very well in Philadelphia, I think they gave me an endorsement…and they were told, I understand to stand back, to stand back, don’t do anything,” he said.

“People are breaking into stores and walking out with washing machines and walking out with all sorts of things and it shouldn’t be allowed,” he continued.

“The police were told to stand back, and maybe that’s not so but that’s what I was told upon very good authority,” Trump declared.

He said that federal officers are available to help restore order in the city should they be requested from local authorities.

Video: White House blames ‘liberal Democrats’ for riots, looting in Philadelphia

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  1. November 3rd needs to be the beginning of taking America back and bringing safety and security to our communities before we’re at the point of another civil war. We can not vote for any Democrats.

  2. Once again these animals lay in wait in thier parents basements to see if the police shoot a crazy person with ethier a knife or gun and when it happens it’s free sneakers and tv’s for everyone! The rioters don’t give a crap about who got killed! Notice these riots happen in shit hole cities like Portland and Seattle and Philadelphia where drugs are rampant! Until the police get the go ahead to shoot these animals the destruction will continue. Shoot them and they all will get the message!

  3. The common denominator has to be that the person has to black and as usual committed a crime threatens the police with deadly force and the officer who is forced to shoot him is white.Then it’s take what you can carry at Walmart

  4. another liberal run city shot to hell and expecting tax payers to pay for the damages. NOT SO says Donald J. Trump. You allow this CRAP , You pay for it yourself. Just keep voting those liberal A**holes in office. You get what you ask for………………

  5. Just another excuse for rioting and stealing. Do you think they really care about the man who was shot by police? I doubt it. He was just another criminal who wouldn’t do the right thing and threatened police with a weapon.
    Come on man…do the right thing,😁


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