Watch: Trump Supporter Forced Off Airplane, Added To No Fly List For Joining Capitol Hill Protest

(Right Country) – Wednesday, January 6th marked a troubling shift in our already deeply divided nation.

Almost overnight and thanks to the actions of a select few, likely egged on by radical far-left terrorists deliberately aimed at undermining the peaceful pro-Trump movement, supporters of the 45th president of the United States have turned into enemies of the state.

This is terrifying—and it could happen to you.

Are you going to stand idly by while an entire movement of great American patriots is so severely robbed of their life, liberty, and freedom?

A man who attended the Capitol Hill protest last week shared on social media that he’d been pulled off a plane, slandered as a terrorist, and apparently added to the no fly list after he attempted to travel home.

“They kicked me off this plane, they called me a f-cking terrorist,” the man said in a video. “They want to f-cking ruin my life.”

It was later revealed he had been removed from the plane for failing to wear his mask—something which has rapidly become the new way to alienate and demonize certain Americans while traveling.

In another video, a woman in tears revealed she and several others were prevented from flying simply for being Trump supporters, The Gateway Pundit revealed.

This degree of animosity could easily be placed at the feet of the mainstream media and the Democrats for hyping up the hateful rhetoric and communistic tactics.

On Sunday, Forbes published an article called “Here’s How To Keep The Capitol Rioters From Flying Back To DC, Say Flight Attendants.”

“For starters, airlines should conduct a review of the manifests for the flights to and from DC before and after the January 6 riot. ‘While the airlines cannot coordinate on competitive issues, they certainly can coordinate on safety issues,’” the Forbes report suggested.

“Airlines should share names of passengers, especially those who were flagged for unruly behavior or worse. ‘An airline could say ‘we have banned this person because of XYZ’ and that could actually become an individual ban on each airline.’”

That’s right—if you’re a Trump supporter and want to travel to the nation’s capital to exercise your First Amendment right, you are now going to be treated as a second-class citizen simply for wanting to travel by air.

“Airlines could also coordinate a temporary cross-industry no-fly list that is targeted for a specific time period or for specific airports,” the magazine also helpfully suggests any aspiring tyrants in the airline industry.

Democrats are also joining in the calls for such suppression of Trump supporters.

“Given the heinous domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol yesterday, I am urging the Transportation Security Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to use their authorities to add the names of all identified individuals involved in the attack to the federal No-Fly List and keep them off planes,” Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (D-MI) chair of the Committee on Homeland Security, said in a statement.

“This should include all individuals identified as having entered the Capitol building—an intrusion which threatened the safety of Members of Congress and staff and served as an attack on our Nation,” he added.

Are you ready for what’s coming, patriots?

Copyright 2020.

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  1. So all those peaceful protesters who were let in and did nothing but view the capital and take pictures are now terrorists but Antifa and BLM are patriots?!? WTF!!! Time to get together and surround Antifa and eradicate the slime altogether. Time to stand together and f””k all the RINOs and clowns running away and disassociating themselves from President Trump! Time to be glue and take head on this communist scum that wants to control our country. Never give up!

  2. Actually the corrupt Democrats in Congress and some RINOS are the ones that have to go. Once the rest of the corrupt Democrats in Congress see what happens when American Patriots get fed up with their bull””t!


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