Watch: Turkish Human Trafficker Brags That Business Is Booming After Erdogan’s Latest Move

(Right Country) – The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned Europe that soon “millions” of migrants could be flooding into Europe from Syria through his nation as he has re-opened the nation’s borders.

He doesn’t care about the nations that are already sinking into turmoil due to unmitigated open borders policies in the region that have already sent millions of migrants uninterested in assimilation or obeying the law and only seeking to live on the wealthier welfare states into Europe.

For human traffickers, of course, this means business is booming, as it has been for years.

A recent video shows a man who claims to be a human trafficker bragging about how he has “filled Europe with immigrants” and how he is making thousands of euros now that Turkey has opened up its borders.

The man says he has been trafficking people for 20 years and that he can earn 500-600 euros per head for each migrant he successfully exports, Summit News explains.

The man says that although he even served 6 years in prison for this crime, business is now booming that Erdogan announced he’d be re-opening the border and encouraging millions of Syrian migrants to invade Europe.

“I have filled half of Europe with immigrants,” he brags.

This move from Erdogan comes after an airstrike in Syria which killed 30 Turkish soldiers. He is demanding that NATO support Turkey’s fight against the Russian-backed Syrian army.

“I told them it’s done. It’s finished. The doors are now open. Now, you will have to take your share of the burden,” he declared in a televised speech.

“Hundreds of thousands have crossed, soon we will it will reach millions,” Erdogan warned.

The BBC explains:

Nearly a million Syrians have fled to the Syrian-Turkish border since December, amid heavy fighting in the Idlib region between Turkish-backed rebels and Syrian government forces.

Turkey is already hosting 3.7 million Syrian refugees, as well as migrants from other countries such as Afghanistan – but previously stopped them from leaving for Europe.

In a televised speech, Mr Erdogan said the EU had provided no help for resettling Syrian refugees in “safe zones” inside Syria.

After Turkey opened its doors for migrants to leave its territory for Europe last week, he said, “hundreds of thousands have crossed, soon it will reach millions”.

The Turkish leader gave no evidence for his figures, while Greece said about 1,000 migrants had reached its eastern Aegean islands from Turkey since Sunday morning.

In addition, Greece said it had stopped almost 10,000 migrants from crossing its land border in 24 hours. Some migrants tossed stones and metal bars when stopped, and Greek border guards fired tear gas.


  1. Since migration has been going on for centuries, and now a few want to stop it based on religious reasoning, they do not want the Christian faith diluted, while at the same time more and more care less about religion and are going in a different direction. Look back through history when the same was true about Catholics or Jews in the USA and in some persons still is there.

  2. Robert, you look to history; when have you in your review of history seen as huge of displacement of people? People who now basically invade sovereign nations and claim it as their own…but want the welfare and aid from the host country. Large numbers of these folks don’t want to leave their country but are forced to rather than be killed. Civilians always suffer the most in conflicts. This is not migration this masses of people being involuntarily displaced. Syria and Russia both need an ass kicking and forced to knock off this crap. The entire European Civilization is at stake and they only have themselves to blame!!! Their “woke” liberal progressive governments will see them all destroyed. Too very bad as the cultures of both all of the European Countries and the Muslim Middle East Countries have much beauty to offer.

  3. Anyone who doesn’t see this for what it is, isn’t paying attention. This is the Muslim invasion force to take over the world with their religion. This is following their “bible” to the letter to be the only religion on earth. This is seeding the population with their agents to achieve their world dominance. Wake up world! Israel has been warning us all for years. We have been ignoring their warning, now we are all at peril. SHUT IT DOWN…..YESTERDAY, NOT TOMORROW.


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