Watch: Unhinged Pilot Threatens Patriotic Passengers Chanting “USA! USA!” With Sudden Landing If They Don’t “Behave”

(Right Country) – Big Tech is rapidly censoring online speech but it’s only a matter of time before speech in real life is censored too.

Soon, loving the United States won’t even be allowed anymore. Being a patriot will be banned. Conservative values and ideals, outlawed. If you’re rolling your eyes thinking it won’t happen in America, just look what the left has done to the sitting President of the United States.

President Trump has been treated like some kind of criminal. He has been completely cut off from all social media platforms, his campaign has been banned from sending out emails, his top allies are being silenced, Big Tech is using their power to cut-off conservative apps.

These are all unprecedented activities happening right now and, quite frankly, it should scare every single American.

Corporate America shares the exact same radical agenda as Big Tech and it’s only a matter of time before Americans are being told what we can and can’t say or who we can and can’t support in order to be allowed to be a consumer.

A pilot recently threatened his passengers for chanting “USA!” The plane was full of patriots headed home from the rally in Washington DC.

The American Airlines flight from Washington DC to Phoenix was, apparently, being piloted by a radical leftist who didn’t appreciate hearing the patriotic chant coming from the passengers aboard his vessel.

He threatened the passengers saying that if they did not “behave” he would “put this plane down in the middle of Kansas and drop people off.”

He added, “We will do that if that’s what it takes. So behave.”

Naturally, the passengers didn’t take too kindly to the threat and one woman can be heard loudly laughing and mocking the pilot’s order to “behave.”

“Patriots flying home from DC. We chanted, ‘USA!’ while still on runway. The Pilot threatened to ‘land this plane anywhere mid-flight, even if it’s in the middle of Kansas, if you don’t follow the rules.’ We did NOTHING wrong! Apologize! #AmericanAirlines Flight 1242,” one of the passengers on the flight tweeted at American Airlines.

Shockingly, that passenger has not been permanently banned from Twitter as of now, but who knows what could happen by the end of the weekend.

Chanting “USA!” while sitting on a plane awaiting take-off is hurting absolutely no one. This is still the United States of America and we are still free to love our country.

The Democrats will most likely change that at the first opportunity possible once Joe Biden is inaugurated on Jan. 20th.

Soon, it won’t be allowed to be proud of this country but, honestly, there might not be much left to be proud of once the Democrats get ahold of it and have at least two years of completely unchecked power.

It’s a terrifying thought but one we all must mentally prepare for. Make no mistake, however, the fight is just beginning.

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  1. I’m a patriot; however, you are in a small place together 30,000+ feet in the air and any chance that things might get out of control is 100 percent on the Captain of the aircraft, and he wants everyone to get home safely. That is the main objective. He was doing his job!

    • That’s right, but common sense tells you that there was nothing to worry about. The criminals in DC were actors from the left for the most part. The aggressive ones come from the Democrats. The Republicans have a history of being wimps. That is why we have this problem. They let the Democrats take over. Now they are blaming the right. Republicans cowered during the Obama administration and now there is nothing left.

  2. Unless that pilot could articulate specific threats and/or elements that present a clear and present danger, he was wrong. People chanting something he didn’t like does NOT meet that test.
    It would have been really ‘interesting’ for him to try to explain to the airline how they were going to win back all of those passengers he tossed off ‘his’ plane in the middle of nowhere who WOULD be more than happy to share how badly that airline treated them.


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