What Hungarian Minister Just Declared A Threat To Humanity Will Send Liberals Into Hysterics

(Right Country) – Immigration is, without a doubt, the most controversial issue facing America right now, with folks on both sides passionately defending their point of view, even to the point of hostility when necessary. However, it appears that the threat posed to our nation’s security and economic prosperity is not just causing issues here at home.

It’s a problem that has gone global. In fact, a Hungarian Foreign Minister recently stated that the biggest threat to humanity is mass migration, a point he made during a counter-terrorism conference in Vienna.

If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of liberal heads exploding and Internet outrage flowing freely as a result of this absolutely true comment.

Check out the details from Breitbart:

The Hungarian minister called on the United Nations (UN) to put funding towards fighting global terrorism, calling on the international organisation to spend less on facilitating mass migration.

“[W]e are calling on the UN to include the fight against terrorism in its budget, to spend more on the global fight against terrorism and less on migration, for the benefit of all the world’s citizens,” Szijjártó said.

He went on to note that mass migration has been connected to at least 30 terror attacks since the migrant crisis in 2015, and proposed four steps to restore security in Europe, including defeating the Islamic State terror group, strengthening national borders, supporting communities fleeing terror, and having the UN recognize terrorism as a major threat to be dealt with.

The minister went on to add that promoting mass migration could present “a very serious threat to the whole of humanity”, Hungarian news programme Hirado reports.

Szijjarto went on to specifically call out the UN Global Migration Compact, a measure he also criticized back in 2018, saying it is an attempt to make illegal immigration legal.

“The UN Compact is more dangerous, however, because it is a global initiative, meaning it will have a greater effect than [European] policy and represents a risk to the whole world,” Szijjarto said.

Hungary, the United States, Australia, and Israel all rejected the UN migration compact with another dozen countries abstaining from voting on it back in December of 2018.

Szijjarto is spot on in his assessment of mass migration being a threat to the safety and security of humanity at large, a point the radical left does not at all want to admit. The reason this is such a big problem is because, for one, terrorists are using mass migration as a means of sneaking into foreign countries and setting up sleeper cells that will go on to plan and carry out terrorist attacks on innocent civilians.

We’ve seen that play out many times all across Europe, especially in Paris and the UK. Along with this, illegals bring diseases, put a drain on the economy, and often groups have criminals looking to escape prosecution who come into different countries and continue their vicious crimes.

These are things we should not stand for, regardless of how hard the left pushes for it. The very safety of Americans depends on a secure border and careful use of resources.

Source: breitbart.com/europe/2020/02/13/hungarian-minister-declares-mass-migration-threat-humanity/


  1. I agree with you Hungarian Minister. That’s why the USA needs to crack down on it and also escort CAIR out of the USA along with ALL illegal immigrants. The Democrats keep talking about free for all illegals and open borders only to get that VOTE!!!!!!!!! Hopefully the legal immigrants and the ones that are working on their citizenships will be smart and know this. Mexicans cross into our country for a better way of life for them and their children and to escape the bad life of Mexico, crime no jobs, cartels, etc….. so I hope they wouldn’t vote for a Democrat for open borders and free for all illegals when their not getting it along with us born and raised here. This would take them back to where they came from in our country and I don’t want this to happen in the USA. It’s bad enough with what we have here in the USA criminals and evil and bad. Wake up Americans

  2. The words that should be in these discussions should be (Islamic,and jihad); but are not. Even the minister fails to go that far in his warning. There may be individual common criminals immigrating to avoid prosecution but the Muslim jihadists are the ones who form the mentioned terror cells. This enemy of humanity must be named. It seems that even the most vocal opponents of terror are in truth afraid to call jihadists out for what they are (monsters who must be stopped).

  3. We need to tell the U.N. to go to hell and pull us out of that demon spawned organization. Pull out our money, troops and other items and watch their house of cards implode.
    We need to inform all the “Muslim Migrants”, time to pack it up and leave with in 90 days because they have stated “They will never assimilate, but dominate.” That alone is reason to have them all deported.

  4. You mad a few good points, but your total concept is woefully misguided. Foreign money is not driving the American economy. Children are not locked in cages (Obamaa program). The wall is needed to keep more people out that would sap our economy. Are Arabic people considered “white”? Are Asian people considered “white”? They do a whole lot of killing.


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