‘What Is Wrong With Pelosi’s Nose?’ – Pelosi Announces Impeachment Articles With Bandage On Her Nose

(Gateway Pundit) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters and other liberal chairmen announced their Articles of Impeachment against President Trump on Tuesday morning.

As Pelosi was making her announcement from the lectern, all people noticed was her nose — she had a bandage on the side of her nose.

Pelosi, 79, is literally falling apart — she always slurs her words, forgets what year we are in and now her nose is bandaged up.

And people noticed.

Democrats are still not through with their investigation.

— Abuse of Power
— Obstruction of Congress

That’s all they could come up with.

Their “quid pro quo” and bribery charges disappeared after the sham impeachment show trials proved Trump did nothing wrong in his dealings with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

After denying President Trump due process, denying the Minority their right to bring in witnesses and introduce evidence during the impeachment hearings, the Democrats are accusing Trump of abusing his power.

The President has the right to executive privilege, but the Democrats are accusing him of ‘Obstruction of Congress’ — this is all the Dems have going into 2020 because they do not have a viable candidate who can beat Trump at the ballot box.

This isn’t the first time that Pelosi’s nose has drawn attention. She was recently photographed with something weird on the tip of her nose.

What is wrong with Pelosi? She is almost 80 years old and still in Congress after DECADES! TERM LIMITS!




  1. Pelosi probably got her nose hurt after falling while celebrating impeachment from too much booze. Just wait till Trump is reelected and the dems loose both house and senate. The booze will flow and who knows what injuries will happen then.

  2. Pelosi’s nose problem is from snorting too much cocaine partying with Adam Schiff. Jst take a good look at the tow of them always bugged eyed with syes about to leave their socket. Every politician should be drug tested everyday to make sure they are completely conherent. I think you will find that they are not. If found under the influence they should be arrest and forced to resign at once and jailed. The an election is held immediately to elect a new representative no an appointment by a governor.

  3. It’s not Nancy. It was De Niro dressed up like Nancy. They do this all the time. Both ways. In many movies it is Nancy dressed up like De Niro.

  4. I keep saying it again and again, you don’t have to make things up about the left, like they do about the right, it’s who and what they are.

  5. What a cruel thing to say. Though not a fan of the lying commie Nancy and her ilk, how can you wish that on a fellow human being? Where is your godliness? You sound like your from the same party she is from-the unholy communist party! She lies about being a good catholic, but pushes late term/after birth abortion/murder. The good Lord will deal with her when her time is shortly over. What goes around, comes around.

  6. My eyes!!! That is too much UGLY for one stage! Pelosi,Waters,and whoever that old blonde hag is! I can’t unsee that! The toxic hatred inside these demoncrats is starting to show on the outside! TRUMP 2020!

  7. She’s using a bandage to cover a zit which is her brain and seriously needs to be popped!
    Also they’re all a bunch of lying bunch of scum and only concerned on much more money they can waste and line their pockets with!

  8. It’s a cancer, working it’s way from the empty space between her ears, it devoured everything there to visible areas of her miserable body.

  9. Obviously some people have never been to a dermatologist. She’s obviously had a suspicious mole removed (no, not a political joke, LOL) and it’s being tested for cancer. You don’t even have to have it be obvious to be removed. I’ve had a squamous cell, basal cell, and an early-stage melanoma removed in the last 12 years (the melanoma was first), so I’m 99.9% sure that’s what it is. More than likely it’s noncancerous, but it’s best to be removed and tested to be sure.


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