What Joe Biden Just Said About Donald Trump And Defunding Police Makes Zero Sense

(Right Country) – We’ve been witnessing the actual mental degredation of a human being in real time, on live television and on social media, ever since former Vice President Joe Biden announced he would be running for president.

Things have gotten progressively worse over the last year, particularly over the course of the summer, as we’ve witnessed tons of rambling interviews, speeches, and chit-chats from Biden both in the comfort of his own basement and the few venues he ventured out to during his campaign against President Trump.

During that time, lots of nutty things have been said. Things that, well, just didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Biden has continued that trend with recent comments about the president and defunding the police.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden said in a TV interview on Tuesday that the only person seeking to defund the police is President Donald Trump.

Biden made the remark as he attempted to deflect a question about his call to “redirect” funding away from police agencies.

“I not only don’t want to defund the police, I’m the one calling for $300 billion — million more for local police, for community policing,” Biden told the news station.

He accused Trump of attempting to cut $400 million from “state and local help.”

Say what now? It seems that Biden is once again confused and mumbling nonsense.

Breitbart News actually fact checked this claim by Biden, on numerous occasions, and it has been proven to be totally false.

A major source of Biden’s claim seems to stem from the proposed $244 million cut from the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP), which assists state and local agencies with detaining illegal aliens who commit crimes.

Instead, Trump wants to use that money for border enforcement instead, shifting resources closer to the problem.

The White House wants to increase funding to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by $544 million.

Biden’s claims are blunted, too, by the numerous police agencies that have endorsed Trump for reelection.

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) — the nation’s largest cops’ union — announced Friday that it was backing the Republican incumbent.

“Public safety will undoubtedly be a main focus for voters in this year’s election,” National President Patrick Yoes said in a news release.

“Look at what the national discourse has focused on for the last six months. President Trump has shown time after time that he supports our law enforcement officers and understands the issues our members face every day. The FOP is proud to endorse a candidate who calls for law and order across our nation. He has the full and enthusiastic support of the FOP.”

The president has been an ardent supporter of local law enforcement from the very beginning. He hasn’t been shy about expressing that either. Yet, for whatever reason, the left continues to push the opposite narrative.

Biden is desperate to win this election. He’s not above complete and total fabrication in order to paint Trump negatively and sway some folks his direction for November. The problem, of course, is that with his mind the way it is, he’s probably starting to believe his own lies.

Source: breitbart.com/politics/2020/09/08/joe-biden-only-person-calling-defund-police-is-donald-trump/


  1. This really illuminates the actual meaning of being a Democrat. There is very obvious reason for getting Joe Biden mental health care but the party is so invested in getting him elected without him having any capability to make his own decisions, let alone make decisions for an entire country. That is an entire party interested in their own power above all else. Get all Democrats out of our government.

  2. This frail minded minstrel is confused with his own agenda. His party is the one that’s being supported by BLM that keep shouting out to “Defund the Police” everywhere they go and wreak havoc on the streets. He clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about and has the facts twisted. He did not do his homework.

  3. The democrats have only one goal, and if Joe Biden is to be sacrificed for it, so be it. If elected they will quickly use his mental incapacity to declare him unfit for office. Your next president will actually be Kamala Harris.


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