What Some Miscreants Did To Minnesota Trump Supporters’ Home Is Beyond Despicable

(Right Country) – Radical leftists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa have been working non-stop this year to really take the political and racial division prevalent in our nation and kick it up to violent extremes that make it almost appear as if these groups are attempting to purposefully start a civil war of some kind.

We’ve been bombarded every single night with stories and video footage of riots, looting, and businesses being burned to the ground. We’ve seen Antifa members murder Trump supporters in cold blood on the streets. Footage of assaults and other crimes against conservative folks have also been in the news this year.

Well, it seems BLM supporters weren’t satisfied with ripping the nation apart by protesting and spreading false ideologies like critical race theory. They took things even further and actually burned down the home of Trump supporters. They also tagged their garage with pro-BLM graffiti.

But it’s all in the name of equality and fighting racism, folks, so have no fear.

Via Breitbart:

A home belonging to supporters of President Donald Trump in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, was attacked in the early hours of Wednesday morning, according to a Facebook post. A news release from the Brooklyn Center Police Department noted that the home’s occupants had a “fairly large ‘Trump 2020’ sign that was destroyed.”

Deana Molla, who claims to be one of the owners of the vandalized home, shared photos of the arson and vandalism via Facebook. According to police, the slogans “Biden 2020,” “BLM,” and a capital letter “A” with a circle around it — a symbol for the left-wing group Antifa — were spray-painted on the garage.

Local police and firefighters rescued three dogs in kennels and four puppies located in a garage, which was burned down by the arsonists. The Brooklyn Center Police Department issued a statement related to the incident and its associated investigation:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Brooklyn Center Police Investigate Suspicious Garage Fire

Just before 4:00 am, Brooklyn Center police officers and firefighters were dispatched to the report of an explosion and fire in the area of 69th Ave N and Morgan Ave N in Brooklyn Center. Officers located a fire at a residence in the 6900 block of Morgan Ave N. Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire, but not before a detached three car garage and three vehicles were destroyed. There was minor damage to the house. There were no injuries during this incident. Officers and firefighters were able to save the three dogs in kennels and four puppies located in the garage.* This fire is considered suspicious and our investigation remains extremely active. The home occupants had a fairly large “Trump 2020” sign that was destroyed, and our officers observed what appeared to be fresh spray paint on the garage before it burned down. The spray paint included “Biden 2020”, “BLM” and capital letter “A” with a circle around it.

Our Brooklyn Center Police and Fire Departments were, and continue to be, assisted by the following: North Memorial Ambulance, Hennepin County Crime Lab, Hennepin County Fire Investigation Team, MN State Fire Marshall Office, ATF, and FBI.

The Minnesota Arson Reward Project – IAAI – is offering rewards of up to $5,000 for information leading to the identification of persons responsible for this fire.

Powerline wrote of the attack, “Not all the facts are in on this incident, obviously. It could be that the arson was committed by someone other than BLM/Antifa. But when those groups vow to burn down America, it is not surprising that many people find credible the possibility that they have done just that.”

This is really starting to get old. How much more of this will people take before they say enough is enough and take matters into their own hands? There’s so much violence and division already. Do we really need more in this country?

Have we as a nation gone too far over the line to ever be united as one people sharing a common set of values? Sometimes it seems like it, not to sound too bleak. Let’s hope no more violence occurs between folks of differing political views. Life’s too precious for this kind of fighting.

Featured image credit: Deana Molla/Facebook

Source: breitbart.com/2020-election/2020/09/23/report-biden-supporters-burn-home-minnesota/


  1. Good thing they do come to my house. They would need a bunch of paramedics, body bags, and a coroner. I have fire deterrent system and extinguishers that can be very harmful to your health if not used with caution. Have to be careful with fire suppression. Also know as FFE.

  2. Of things to come,Peoples Homes being burned,busineses destroyed. Police almost helpless ! Time is now to stand up against this rabble. Unless those of us who don’t take our marching orders from CNN and the rest of the main stream media, this wild procommunist Biden supporting rabble will destroy the nation.We must unite ! What with police funding being cut,we have every right to ban togather to protect our lives,and our property.

  3. Unfortunately they are going to just keep pushing and it’s going to snap. Someone will stand up and protect their property. These peaceful protesters are going to get hurt.

  4. I’m sure Soros is satisfied to see his money is being well spent. Bloomberg and his Black Communist Movement supporting henchman, LeBron James, had their bribery scheme to pay off felons in Florida blow up in their faces.

    Obviously, there is nothing these people won’t do. They don’t fear the police, the courts or any other arm of the law.

    What they do fear however, the one thing that terrifies them more than anything else is YOUR VOTE! Quit listening to the misinformation and lies about the Chinese virus and get out there in person in November and put your vote right in their face!

    Take your family, friends, neighbors any freedom loving like-minded persons with you and show the terrorists and socialists you will NOT be intimidated, you will not cower to their threats!

    Mail-in ballot fraud has already started. The CDC has already released information admitting the wearing of masks as a preventive measure is ineffective. Wear a mask, stay 6ft apart whatever you need to do to feel safe and confident. But get out there and vote in person. Don’t allow them the opportunity to discount your vote and steal the election from real Americans.

    False investigations, false impeachment, financially supporting rioters, arsonists, murderers, and terrorists. Bribing convicted felons to vote for their socialist, corrupt and inept candidates?

    What’s left on the, “they wouldn’t do that” list? VOTE them down and VOTE them out!

    TRUMP 2020!


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