What This Trump-Supporting Democrat Just Said About Reparations Is Guaranteed To Make SJWs Blow A Gasket

(Right Country) – There’s a lot of strange things in the world. Rare creatures that many individuals claim to have spotted with the naked eye, though there is no proof such things exist in the real world. You know, like Bigfoot, the Thunderbird, and Democrats who like President Trump.

Actually, that last one does exist, and we know this is true because Georgia Democratic State Rep. Vernon Jones is just such an individual. Oh. Yeah. He’s also black. This makes him super hated by the left and has no doubt put a number of targets on his back. You can almost guarantee that folks in the black community have called him racial slurs due to his support of Trump, because, you know, it’s not cool to think for yourself. You need to be part of the group, the pack.

Well, as if that stuff wasn’t already enough to get folks’ panties twisted up, Jones spoke with the media and stated that if we’re going to do reparations, we need to start with Africa, since that’s where slaves were sold from.

Oh boy.

Here’s Just The News with the details:

Jones was asked for his opinion of House Democrats’ Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act, which if passed and signed into law would establish a committee to “examine slavery and discrimination in the colonies and the United States from 1619 to the present and recommend appropriate remedies.”

“If they studied the issue of reparations a lot of white people should receive reparations because we all intertwined and intermingled now,” Jones said during a video interview at the Falkirk Center’s Freedom Summit.

“We’re moving forward and how do we move forward? By creating opportunities for people to open businesses, to be gainfully employed to achieve the American dream. That’s what they want. It is too late for 40 acres and a mule. Nobody is looking for that — what people are looking for is access to the American dream. If you open those doors, that is reparation, and everybody can benefit from those reparations, everybody,” he also said.

Jones expanded on his point that reparations would be difficult to implement as direct payments.

“Let’s start with Africa in terms of reparations, that’s where we were sold from. As a matter of fact, we need to have a conversation with Africa for African Americans. That’s where we came from. That’s where we were sold from. So if we’re going to really do this, let’s go back to where it started and let’s see whose fingers are really on this and go from there,” he said.

“But we just can’t willy nilly. What are you going to do it based on DNA tests? How are you going to do it? It’s alright to talk about it but that is — do I think there’s an injustice done to blacks in this country? Absolutely including my father, who was a World War II veteran who was not treated fairly, but he loved this country, still the best country on Earth,” he added.

The next thing Jones suggested the country should do if they decide to walk down the path toward reparations would be to change the name of the Democratic Party. This would be done to reveal the dark racism that has undergirded the radical left for hundreds of years in this country.

“If we’re going to do this whole reparation thing, then let us look at changing the name of the Democratic Party. Let’s make that a part of reparations. Why? The Democratic Party, most of them were Confederates who fought, who did not want slaves to be free. Members of the Democratic Party started the Ku Klux Klan,” Jones said during the video interview.

While critiquing the history of the Democratic Party, Jones referred to Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, as “a Democrat who said that African-Americans were intellectually just dysfunctional and defected.”

“She went out to sterilize and have as many abortions as she could to literally genocide a whole black community, if it were left up to her. Let’s look at most Democrats did not vote for the Civil Rights Act or the Voting Rights Act. And then you have Joe Biden in modern day saying that if you don’t vote for him, you ain’t black,” Jones said.

“So let’s start with changing the Democratic Party. Let’s look into Nancy Pelosi’s background and see if she has some relatives that are Confederate-ly connected then let’s ask her to step down from being Speaker of the House,” he also said.

Liberals must absolutely hate this man. There’s just no way they are going to let him escape with saying these things unscathed. Jones is breaking away from the groupthink blacks are supposed to participate in while being a part of the Democratic Party. He’s a traitor in their eyes, even if he’s really just a sincere patriot who loves his country.

Tragic it’s this way now, but it is. Democrats have succeeded in dividing us by the color of our skin.

“Let’s look at it in a form of giving people opportunities, making sure our children are educated so they can compete globally, making sure if anybody wants to be able to be a homeowner, or someone wants to start their own business, let’s make those reparations and that way it is colorblind it is gender blind and people have opportunities,” he said.

“People don’t want things given to them. They want to be able to earn it, but you have to make it available for them. So with hard work and perseverance that they can achieve it. That’s really what it’s about. That’s the true reparations,” he added.

At the end of the day, we need to remember our past, not sanitize it, and use it as a measuring stick for how far we have come as a people and as a nation. Slavery is gone. Done. An institution burned to the ground, nothing but ashes. And that’s exactly what it deserved. All people, regardless of color, deserve to be free. We’ve accomplished that.

The progress we’ve made in the last five decades is amazing. Racism, in its systemic form, is all but wiped out in this country. What a great time to be alive. If not for the efforts of the Democrats to send us back 60 years.

Source: justthenews.com/government/congress/vernon-jones-reparations-start-africa-thats-where-we-were-sold


  1. Reparations ? , Suggest those proponents of this ,start with England, Holland,Spain,and decendents of the tribal leaders who sold their own kind into slavery for trunk loads of glass trinkets and other assorted junk . During that period the slave traders from the above mentioned nations made fortunes .Seems like no one of authority in any of those countries did much of anything to stop this travesty.

    • And what about the people who immigrated to this country after slavery was abolished? We had nothing to do with slavery! If you want reparation’s than you should only go after the generation’s who had a hand in it! Although that would also be unfair, it would like holding generations responsible for someone in their family background who murdered someone expecting their future generations to have to pay the murdered generations reparations for the rest of their lives. You would be holding everyone responsible for something that they have not done!

  2. Yes, the wealthy Europeans stopped in Africa and bought or possibly kidnapped young black men and women to be their slaves. Go to the countries who sent out these explorers. And what about Native Americans who were pushed off their land when the Europeans came-?

  3. I like this man. Wish there were more dems who have the canines to stand up for what is right.
    Reparations? I guess the men and women and children who died or were murdered by those who fought to “keep” their slaves, isn’t reparation enough. I guess the men who came back from fighting to “free” slaves, with no legs or arms or eyes, isn’t reparation enough. I guess families who lost other families and friends, because they stood up against slavery isn’t reparation enough.
    I guess not knowing that Chinese, Irishmen, convicts banished from their country to here, were used more as slaves, than Africans were. See, the democrats wanted their slaves. They needed them. Therefore men from other countries were used for dangerous work. Building railroads, blowing up mountains, chasing off Indian tribes. So who really needs reparations.
    There is not one person or soul on this earth who chose what grade, color of skin, parents, city, state or country they were to be born.
    But ONE man gave the answer that should be lived every day … LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.

  4. Democrats will promise you that if you vote for them they will re-name the moon after you. The sad part is they will secretly promise it to millions of people but the saddest-saddest part is these people will believe them.

  5. Since we have learned that Democrats were for slavery ,KKK, abortions and now reperations. Maybe we should give reperations, but only the Democrats should pay. Their the ones responsible for slavery. Maybe we can finally get something from Pelosi.

    • I also have thought about why everyone should pay reparations. Let the descendants of the slave owners, the known Kkk participants, and the demorats pay all the money that today’s black Americans think they are owed.

  6. Blacks prospering- and brown white red yellow and mixed palette prospering – is the future. End the piss-poor educational systems run by liberals (who want to social justice math ??? for example) and fund school choice NOT government choice and all boats will rise mightily. See the black conservative block in Baltimore running for office for hope as to how this can work!!

    • I was once a Vocational Instructor in Philadelphia for about 10 years.
      I actually had 10th grade students coming to me that could not read or write their own name, nor add or subtract whole numbers.
      Why are we paying Elementary Teachers?

  7. I agree with many of you.I really support school choice. Parents realize the ineptitude of the public education system. Choice/competition is the only solution. The teachers union is a greedy self serving sham, only out for themselves. I doubt they care at all for our youth. Let’s return to the fundamentals of learning. Elevate our children with knowledge and give them the potential to do and be better. This insipid approach of treating them like morons is reprehensible !

  8. Until we get the GOVERNMENT out of our schools and get the LORD back into our schools, NOTHING is going to change.
    Good men like this can try, but Democrat teachers will prevail with their demonic teachings until they are EXPELLED from our schools.

  9. Finally…a gentleman with a sound mind, willing to stand up and speak up ( not demand) about today’s issues. How refreshing.

  10. Rep Vernon Jones is absolutely correct. It takes a lot of bravery to be black and speak against the Democratic party. That needs to change. Blacks are no longer slaves for the Democrats. Thank you Rep Jones for showing what true freedom looks like.


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