What Top Democrat Just Said About Trump Being A ‘Cancerous Growth’ Doesn’t Really Scream ‘Unity’ Does It?

(Right Country) – Rep. James Clyburn, the South Carolina Democrat who has received all the credit for taking Biden’s disastrous presidential campaign and somehow managing to bring it back from the dead, stated on Wednesday that President Trump needed to be ousted from office because he was a “cancerous growth on this country.”

Clyburn, the third-ranking House Democrat, spoke with ABC host George Stephanopoulos, who asked him to respond to claims that the impeachment effort against the former president might cause even more division in the country.

You know, that’s a very good point. Isn’t Biden’ blathering on and on right now about how much our country needs to be united together? How is that going to happen by impeaching Trump, who is now a private citizen? Won’t that just put more of a gap between Trump supporters and Democrats?

A report from WND says that Clyburn responded to the question by saying, “My answer to that is very simple if I might use a metaphor again. There’s a cancerous growth on this country. And you do not get rid of a cancerous growth unless you cut it out. You gotta get it out of us and that’s what we are doing.”

“We’re trying to cleanse this system,” Clyburn added. “Nobody in his or her right mind will come to any other conclusion except that Donald Trump was just a bad malignancy on this country that we had to get rid of.”

Uh, what? So unless we fully agree with Clyburn that Trump was a bad, bad man, that makes us insane in the membrane? Come on now, folks. Does that really sound like the kind of rhetoric that screams, “let’s all come together?” I don’t think so. Not even a little bit. It’s actually rather divisive speech.

“That is the cleansing that the country needs. We can’t allow this country to collapse because of the craziness of one person. And I do call it that because I think that is what we have been, we’ve been on a crazy downward spiral for four years and it’s time for us to get rid of that one person so the rest of this country can continue its journey toward perfection,” the congressman said.

You know what? All this talk of “cleansing” really smacks of the Final Solution, doesn’t it? It was the same way that Hitler and the rest of his Nazi screwballs discussed silencing the opposition, especially Jews, which they pretty much blamed for everything. Pretty sure Hitler would’ve considered the Jews a cancer on society too.

Funny, isn’t it?

The left calls us Nazis, yet they are the ones who have a similar worldview, similar policies, and use similar language when discussing their opposition. Kind of spooky.

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  1. Mr. Clyburn….your mind set and hatred is almost worse than a cancerous growth. You sir need to look in the mirror and see what hatred looks like…..

  2. Clyburn, you are disgusting POS who is part of the problem in American. Your insidious rancor is so divisive and an example of the “Swamp” that President Trump ran against. What the hell have you done for this country other than to line your own pockets?

  3. Another left hack, done nothing for his own , it took an old rich guy to bring change to the black communities. They have to silence Trump and his supporters because it reflects badly on the left and their worthless work on the hill.


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