While National Guard Troops Sleep On Concrete, The Bidens’ Dogs Are Living In Luxury And Comfort

(Right Country) – Joe Biden needed 25,000 National Guard troops to stand guard in Washington DC as he was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. Could this be because the election was not fair and free?

Could it be because Joe Biden is the Usurper-in-Chief and millions of Americans know it? It certainly seems as though Democrats are scared that the American people will gather up the nerve to take back our government so they closed down the Capital, brought in tens of thousands of troops, and ensured the safety of their corrupt government.

When the Inauguration was over and Biden was officially installed as the president, Democrats were quick to toss the National Guard troops to the curb. Literally.

5,000 troops were ordered to evacuate Capitol property and head for a cold parking garage where they were to rest up and await their next shift.

The parking garage was equipped with one outlet and one bathroom with two stalls for the 5,000 troops.

One Breitbart reporter highlighted the fact that the Geneva Convention Act of 1964 requires better treatment for prisoners of war than what the National Guard troops received while in our nation’s capital.

It’s a violation of the Geneva Convention to force POWs to sleep on concrete or without warmth, good ventilation, and basic comforts like blankets.

Our own service men and women were denied all of these things as they were told to “rest” until their next shift.

Their treatment was absolutely disgraceful. Prisoners of wars should certainly not be entitled to better treatment than our own military members.

Even Joe Biden’s dogs received better care and treatment than these National Guard troops did.

Thursday evening, the Biden’s dogs were nicely tucked into their lavish and warm doggie beds while our troops laid on cold concrete.

How much more evidence do people need to see that we are well on our way to a ruling elite class and the rest of us?

Soon, America will have achieved the “equality” the radical left has been fighting for when we’re all equally poor, unemployed, without hope and at the complete mercy of our elite government overlords.

The military is just a tool to be used by the elites to ensure the people of America don’t get any ideas about rising up and retaking our government which is supposed to be by the people and for the people.

They might, however, want to think a little bit harder about the way in which they treat these men and women considering President Trump enjoys overwhelming military support.

Nonetheless, this abysmal treatment of the National Guard is just further proof that soon enough the elites will rule over us all and even their dogs will live lives of luxury, comfort and privilege.

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