WHO Has Good News About The US Daily COVID-19 Death Rate

(Right Country) – Well, well, well.

The Tulsa Trump rally didn’t kill us all.

Although the left has been very selective in when they like to highlight this fact, the nation is still in the middle of a pandemic.

Of course, the virus in question, the novel coronavirus, is an incredibly intelligent, highly-evolved virus that knows the difference between anti-racism protests and Trump rallies and favors the latter for where it prefers to spread.

While the mainstream media went radio silent about the virus in the weeks following the death of George Floyd, the moment that Trump announced his rally in Tulsa, which took place last weekend, they suddenly remembered the potentially deadly virus.

Unfortunately, yet again, the reality doesn’t fit their narrative.

This week, the World Health Organization announced that the number of coronavirus-related daily deaths in the U.S. has fallen for the past four days.

Well, that is good news!

But how will the press spin it against Trump’s favor this time, somehow?

Newsmax reports:

WHO reports that the country’s daily death toll has been declining since Friday.

On June 19, the U.S. reported 770 deaths, according to WHO. The number of deaths reported Saturday totaled 733. Sunday’s daily death toll was logged at 690, Monday at 558 and Tuesday at 308 deaths.

The largest decline was Monday to Tuesday, which shows a drop of 250 reported deaths.

The number of COVID-19 confirmed cases reported in the U.S. decreased on Monday and Tuesday after seeing a spike on Sunday, according to WHO.


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