Will There Be A Repeat of Iowa In Nevada? Here’s Why It’s Likely

(Right Country) – After only four days of tabulation, and checking twice to make sure Bernie didn’t win and Biden got at least fifteen percent, the establishment approved results of the Democratic Iowa Caucus are in.

Besides questioning the reliability of the results given the Democrat establishment’s open resentment of an Independent twice gathering more support in their primary than their hand-picked candidate, any sane person would expect that those responsible for this disaster would be fired.

So it should come as no surprise that Nevada State Democratic Party Chairman William McCurdy said in a statement “NV Dems can confidently say that what happened in the Iowa caucus last night will not happen in Nevada on February 22nd. We will not be employing the same app or vendor used in the Iowa caucus”.

But the vendor being blamed for the four-day delay in reporting, Shadow Inc, is apparently hoping for another try.

A Shadow Inc spokesperson telling Vice News’ Motherboard that the app would be ready for a “successful rollout” in Nevada “because the deadline for the Nevada app was later, Shadow’s Nevada app was still in beta testing, and that testing identified some errors that were being fixed.”

Denial of being fired might be beyond most people, but some of the people at Shadow aren’t the kind of people that take loss well.

People like Shadow’s CEO Gerard Niemira, who previously worked on Hilary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign.

Or Ahna Roa, Shadow’s product manager who also previously worked on Clinton’s failed presidential campaign.

Or Shadow’s chief technology officer Krista Davis who was also previously employed in an effort to get one of the worst human beings imaginable elected president.

It isn’t hard to believe that these three might work together again in the future, but what is hard to believe is that after these three found themselves working together again they just happened to get hired by a company that designed an app that is being created with causing an error that was timed just right to conceal the lack of support Biden had in Iowa going into New Hampshire.

It’s much easier to believe that the kind of people that work to get Hilary Clinton elected are scum.

And that being devoid of morals and in an absolute panic as they watch President Trump’s approval rating climb to an all-time high during impeachment, watch the senate acquit, and watch Biden’s numbers fall every time he opens his mouth or shoves a voter.

But hiding Hunter, or getting Bernie to take a dive is not going to help the Democrats avoid what is coming in November.


  1. Voting a Demon-crat onto the White House as President would be the WORST mistake the American People could EVER make. They want Socialism Not Capitalism and that would most definitely be devastating to the United States and to the American people!


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