You Won’t Believe What Cambridge University Did For The Academic Who Tweeted “White Lives Don’t Matter”

(Right Country) – In case you missed it, earlier this week Dr. Priyamvada Gopal, English academic and Churchill fellow at Cambridge University, tweeted that we need to “abolish whiteness” (whatever that means) and she also tweeted, “I’ll say it again. White Lives Don’t Matter. As White Lives.”

What a peach. She totally doesn’t sound racist at all.

Despite swift and intense backlash to the shocking and offensive statements and a petition with almost 15,000 signatures calling for her to be fired, Cambridge University responded by promoting Gopal to a full professorship. How very enlightened and progressive.

Not only did the University promote her but the radical leftist media took up Gopal’s cause and instead of condemning her overtly racist remarks they defended her as some kind of victim who was being “abused” by a hate mob and thus excusing her disgusting comments.

Shockingly, Twitter has removed Gopal’s original tweet citing it as hate speech. This, however, had no influence on Cambridge University who decided to instead reward her.

Gopal wasted no time getting on Twitter to gloat of her victory.

“Thanks to everyone who wrote to @Twitter: the ludicrous ban has been lifted. I am therefore delighted to share with you personally, that last night Cambridge promoted me to a full Professorship,” tweeted Gopal. “The hate mails & threats are coming in non-stop but @CambridgeCops are following up.”

She blamed the backlash on “people who elect the likes of Trump and (Boris) Johnson” in yet another vile and offensive tweet.

Newswars points out Cambridge University’s utter hypocrisy:

Cambridge University has therefore literally rewarded Gopal for publishing racist hate speech.

Their approach to another academic, Noah Carl, was somewhat different after 500 academics signed a letter challenging Carl’s research on race and intelligence. He was swiftly dismissed.

Cambridge University also previously rescinded its offer of a visiting fellowship to Jordan Peterson after a woke mob complained about his stance on political correctness and after he appeared in a photograph with a man wearing a t-shirt that said “I’m a proud Islamophobe.”

Having formerly enjoyed a reputation as one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, Cambridge University is now proudly proclaiming itself to be a safe space for vile racists – and they’ll be teaching your kids!

Professors like Gopal are exactly the reason why the world is in the state that is currently is. These people hide under the guise of academics but the truth is they are nothing more than cultural revolutionary fanatics and their goal is to destroy democracy globally.

These sick and twisted individuals desperately want the New World Order and will do anything to sew discord, division, and hate in order to pave the way for its establishment.

If a conservative spouted off such vile and racist rhetoric like Gopal did about any other race on planet earth they would immediately be crucified by the social justice warrior cult and “canceled” just as Jordan Peterson and Noah Carl were.

It’s time for Americans to wake up to the social and cultural jihad that’s happening right before our eyes. If we continue to allow these lunatics to run the show, democracy itself will be on the chopping block.


  1. Webster dictionary might as well change the meaning of the word “racist” to: “a person with white skin” according to the way the word is being used now.

  2. So now the ” reword rot” has set in at Cambridge University. Years ago, I had a choice, I’m so glad I chose Imperial.

  3. Cambridge, home of KGB recruitment, said what? When you want to try to solve a puzzle that even God has been unable to figure out : ‘Where do they find these people who populate Cambridge?’

  4. ow maybe more in the USA should look at it the way most of Europe look at it, they are against discrimination in every way. Now the radical Conservatives every where seem to think the same the same thing that Whites are a superior race, when the fact is in this USA the only reason whites in some cases are smarter is because the black was denied a good education.

  5. Looking at that face and reading what that creature wrote and was rewarded for, all
    I can say to that seriously is demonic – sorry but her entire presentation leaves one sickened and you then realize this person must have been a terrible person in her previous life and she is paying for it in this life. Might she not go back to her roots and then she could be so happy and fulfilled by seeing only her colour and ???? looking back at her, but then none of the goodies and accolades would be there? damn.I never knew how much people HATE white people and yet they all flock to the countries which the whites have built, for wealth, prosperity and all the good stuff.

  6. This ugly POS needs to go back to whatever third world country she’s from and take her racist opinions with her!! True AMERICANS don’t think like this no matter where they come from or what color they are. Absolutely disgusting that Cambridge would actually promote her based on her racist ideology!! And these are the people who are teaching our children…

  7. This mad person looks kinda white to me! If they start getting rid of whites she will be gone! This is the very thing we came here to get away from asses like her and the idiots at Cambridge who promoted her! I think I should protest her ass and sit in front of her
    class room door and refuse to leave, spray paint her door red for the blood shed that she causes because of her racist ideologies!!! WTF ugly damn democrat!!!!!!!

  8. Thanks a lot Obama… seems like the Democrats have been promising a better life without lifting a finger to people of color since Johnson’s Great Society. No one has held them down. It’s personal choice. Life is what YOU make it. BLM is nothing but pure racism brought on by affirmative action. You don’t work for it = you don’t appreciate it. Go ahead, keep believing Pelosi, Shumer and all of the pandering left instead of believing in yourself. How’s that working out for you?


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