You Won’t Believe What Chinese Citizens Are Doing To Stop The Spread Of The Coronavirus

(Right Country) – China has always had a rather brutal culture. Now it seems the threat of the coronavirus is ramping up violence in the most unusual of ways around the country. Animal activists in China are reporting that groups of Chinese “community officers” are going around beating stray dogs to death using sticks to, apparently, prevent them from spreading the deadly virus.

You just can’t make this stuff up, folks. We wonder though, if they are still eating bat soup?

InfoWars reports:

Nanchong Stray Animal Rescue provided video to MailOnline allegedly showing an officer striking a canine with a large wooden staff and another worker removing the body of another dog.

The footage is said to have been filmed at a residential complex in the city of Nanchong in Sichuan Province, China.

The animal rescue group sent MailOnline a full video of the attack, but the outlet decided to edit the more violent sections out “due to its graphic nature.”

Officers allegedly told community residents, “As long as [we] see a dog in the complex, no matter if it is on the leash or not, we will beat it to death.”

Nanchong Stray Animal Rescue released a statement following the release of the video:

At the crucial point of fighting the epidemic, the management office and community officers should have disinfected the neighbourhood, recorded information of visitors, supervised suspected patients under quarantine, or even given care to the psychological stress and trauma residents got from the epidemic. But instead, [they] ignored citizens’s love and appeal for animals and killed lives at will without giving notice or seeking permission.

However, Nanhu Committee officials claimed the workers were culling a stray dog who had bitten someone.

A Humane Society International (HSI) spokesperson said, “The advice by the World Health Organisation that there is no evidence dogs and cats can be infected with the virus, needs to be heard throughout China.”

As of Tuesday, COVID-19 has resulted in at least 1,018 deaths and more than 43,130 people infected in 28 countries and territories around the world.

So, just to get things straight here. The Chinese people apparently thought it was a good idea and a delicacy to indulge in eating “bat soup” which includes an entire dead bat carcass but now stray dogs, who can’t even get the virus, are the problem? Talk about insanity.

Fear of the coronavirus is really driving people to the extremes in China and understandably so. The outbreak is believed to be far worse than Chinese authorities are actually reporting and Chinese people are rightfully concerned and scared.

Thousands of people are sick in the streets and many more are dying than is actually being reported. We can’t blame the Chinese for being scared of the spread of this deadly virus but nonetheless, surely common sense would kick in at some point and they would realize that killing dogs is not likely going to save anyone’s life.

In the meantime, we can only hope that the Chinese people have decided that perhaps eating cave-dwelling, bacteria-infested, flying rodents may not be the most prudent thing to do moving forward.


  1. Anyone, Chinese or otherwise, who beat an animal to death should be beaten to death by the animal’s owner. The animal can’t fight, but animal lovers can. So, leave the animals alone and go beat yourself o death. You’re no human if you don’t.

  2. Very unfortunate to read such behavior against our beloved care and best human kind friend such our pets. I love humanity in any kind first of all, and it really hits deep in my gut to see what is going on in our beloved and beautiful neighbor Country of China. Such beautiful Country full of diversity and History, which I would love to visit at any given time.
    However, such current conditions and actions of many are very touchy which are creating a whole turn out to China. For that, I feel disgusted to see and be an spectator of such bad diet behavior and animal treat. I can’t imagine where the next years and generations affected by such behavior where even my own teens feel rejected when it comes to eating China food. Indeed, such actions are setting a dramatic scene and a clearly demographic impact for the lost of many love ones and the ones infected with such terrible disease.
    Hoping and praying God and very deep in my heart wishing He to be merciful and heal the hearts of those hurt by the already lost of love one and as well wishing very deep in my heart for Him to bring all such chaos to an end. I know China people has been through very difficult times in the past already just like Historical events trace, for what I deeply believe my God is in control already.
    That leads for us to do and act according by supporting, helping, assisting in at most faith work towards develop a medical solution and prevention to the spread of such viral disease and together (Global speaking) find solution to such terrible virus because we are in this small and beautiful World.

  3. Well people that’s what happens in 3rd world low IQ country’s and I saw coming for years and what Is happening right here, now ! Many of the American’s can not see It and keep on praising the very same low IQ commie’s in our own government deep state and yet they keep voting for the low life rat’s !!!! There is a saying, ” YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE” THE TRUTH IS, THERE ARE INNOCENT PEOPLE OUT THERE WHOM PAY THE TAXES SO YOU CAN EXIST: MAYBE WE SHOULD STOP PAYING AND SEE WHERE THAT GETS YOU !

  4. Stop supporting the take over of our country by this communist country . Stop buying junk made in china . If at all possible buy products made elsewhere . Thank GOD that our President is trying to move manufactures back to this country . Our politicians have sold out our country since clinton welcomed them in the wto . Just one example sen leader mitch went to dc with 100k in the bank . he now has 25 million . And he is a rep . The better of the 2 parties . bloomberg is billions times worse . Literally . I understand sometimes you have no choice when you need a product . But I will also say many times when you buy something made in china , you probably didn’t need it . If them beating defenseless animals to death surprises you it shouldn’t . Just look how they treat their on humans . Just ask a Christian or a muslim . GOD Bless President Trump and His Family and All who support Him .


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