You Won’t Believe What San Francisco Is Doing For The Homeless While Local Businesses Are Forced To Close

(Right Country) – California is a hot mess. A dumpster fire, if you will. Liberal politicians and 21st century “wokeness” have run the once booming state right into the ground. Residents are fleeing while they can still sell their houses and moving to states that have been properly run by conservatives. If there ever were a liberal dystopia in America California would most certainly be it.

They have a massive homelessness problem and the state’s wealthy politicians have largely been ignoring it. Nancy Pelosi reigns from her massive mansion while those in her very own district in San Francisco sleep, defecate, and do drugs right on the streets and sidewalks. Local businesses have to compete against constant theft, vandalism, and looting and the police, whose hands have been completely tied by liberal criminal justice reforms, can do almost nothing to stop any of it.

In California, and especially in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco, they have city and suburb neighborhoods but they also have massive tent cities in which thousands of homeless people can be found on any given day of the week.

Now, the city is reportedly taking action but before you heap on the praise, we can assure you their solution is just a band-aid and will likely only serve to perpetuate these serious economic and societal problems.

Instead of restoring law and order, San Francisco officials are apparently “laying the groundwork” to open homeless “villages” where the city’s bums can gather and have access to food, social workers, and washing stations, as Newswars reports. So, much like the welfare system, it will not require any accountability or responsibility on the part of the homeless and they will be rewarded for their poor life choices and encouraged to remain complacent. What a plan.

While the city is catering to the needs of these homeless bums who commit theft against local businesses, many of these local businesses are being forced to close their doors for good. They, unlike these vagrants, will receive no help or aid from the local or state government.

The super woke legislation will force the city’s homeless department to build multiple “safe sleeping villages” over the course of the next year and a half, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“The legislation could take on more urgency in the coming months as the city winds down its pandemic hotel program for the homeless and begins moving out its 2,000 guests,” the Chronicle reports.

“The goal is to place people into housing, but many may just end up in shelters or safe sleeping villages. Mayor London Breed secured funding for 1,500 units of permanent supportive housing units in the upcoming budget — not enough to meet demand.”

Well, of course it isn’t enough to meet demand as the city has been completely overwhelmed with homeless people. Why wouldn’t homeless people want to live in San Francisco where the weather is agreeable most of the year and police are forced to sit idly by while stores are looted and robbed? Being homeless never looked so good!

Newswars points out that the city has already been operating six “safe sleeping” sites which subsequently had to reduce their capacity to adhere to “social distancing” rules. One of these sites was opened at a middle school.

The city plans to move forward with additional “safe sleeping” villages despite the fact that already established ones do not appear to be a success.

Residents who still remain in this liberal cesspool have started to push back against this absurd plan to coddle the homeless, many of which are criminals. Six citizens groups have sent a letter to City Hall in which they say that a sanctioned homeless village in the Upper Haight neighborhood is causing major problems. Who ever would have thought it?

“The behavior and conditions on Haight Street suggest that the (safe sleeping village) is not a success for its unhoused residents, and it’s certainly not a success for residents and merchants in the surrounding area,” the groups said.

As previously stated, much of California is in a state of complete lawlessness. In San Francisco retail shops have been forced to endure vagrants simply helping themselves as there are essentially no consequences for theft where there is under $950 of goods involved. The city classifies that kind of theft as a nonviolent misdemeanor.

“After months of seeing its shelves repeatedly cleaned out by brazen shoplifters, the Walgreens at Van Ness and Eddy in San Francisco is getting ready to close,” the Chronicle reports of the seventh Walgreens forced to close for good in the city over the course of two years.

Local resident and longtime customer of the Walgreens, Sebastian Luke, said they all “knew it was coming” and that whenever they shop there they notice that the store “always” has “problems with shoplifters.”

“I feel sorry for the clerks, they are regularly being verbally assaulted,” Luke stated. “The clerks say there is nothing they can do. They say Walgreens’ policy is to not get involved. They don’t want anyone getting injured or getting sued, so the guys just keep coming in and taking whatever they want.”

The “unhoused” residents of several homeless camps within vicinity of the Walgreens frequently stop in and “stock up” on supplies since they can and no one will stop them. Can you imagine how frustrating that must be for local businesses? It’s truly appalling that San Francisco is literally putting homeless people on a pedestal and ensuring they are able to take advantage of local businesses with impunity in order to support their vagrant lifestyles.

San Francisco officials should be ashamed of themselves.

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  1. Welcome to the Democrats American Dream come true. Democrats just can not wait to put the entire nation in the same position. Vote them all out of office NOW AND IN EVERY ELECTION FOR THE NEXT 20 years. Time to make America Great Again!!!!

  2. hey I will say the same thing about SF as I said about Seattle, Portland, Chicago etc etc etc….”let it burn”. these cities are reaping their reward so let it continue

  3. Well there you go- a Democratic Utopia. The homeless dirtbags are free to do what they want and the local government is not only protecting them but providing them shelter at the taxpayers expense. Gee,what’s wrong with this picture? Meanwhile the law abiding citizens and businesses have to put up with this BS. God forbid if they defend themselves or their business and shoot one of these maggots- the media and government would crucify them.They should set up these homeless sleep shelters around Pelosi‘s ivory tower and see how long that lasts. I realize that some of the homeless have legitimate personal issues but a large majority of them choose their lifestyle. And why not when not only does the local government allow and condone it but also gives you a place to live?!! So much for the American Dream! This is what we can expect from the Democrats and the left- remember this in November!

  4. Prayer is a powerful weapon during these times, as it seems nothing else is working. I have compassion for the residents of SF who are “stuck” with observation of their city being destroyed, and compassion for the completely dysfunctional homeless who have learned that this way of life is acceptable! Obviously, the city requires a more conservative leadership!


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